Adopting an English Setter

Every English Setter we re-home is very important to us and we take great care to ensure that the dog goes to the most suitable home where he/she will be loved and happy for the rest of its life.  

When you agree to adopt an English Setter it is important to realise that you will probably not get much information about his/her past life.  However we do pass on as much as we are given about each dog so that the new owner is as well informed as possible.   Many dogs come to us with no papers and even those who do we do not pass on pedigrees or KC registrations for obvious reasons.  It is the dog that is paramount to us when the e-mail arrives or the phone call comes, Can you help? I have an English Setter I need to re-home.

A period of adjustment is necessary for a newly re-homed dog and new owners should be prepared for this.  They should not expect to be welcoming a perfect, well behaved, trained dog into their home. Rescues come, warts and all.

Some English Setters who come to us will need short term veterinary treatment before they can be re-homed. Others may already be receiving medical treatment and this may have to continue for the rest of their lives - this will be discussed at the time of re-homing.

Very occasionally dogs come into Rescue with behavioural problems.  These dogs require extra special attention and new owners who are prepared to give them love and, most importantly, time.  They can be helped.  Eventually the adopter will be the proud owner of a dog that rewards them with total devotion.   Our regional helpers are always available to offer advice and give support.

It is a fact that a few Setters come into Rescue in need of a new home for the last years of their lives.  They ask nothing more than to have your love, to be cared for and to share a place by your fireside in their old age.

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