About ESRA -
The English Setter Rescue Association

English Setter Rescue was started by Gladys Jenkins in the early 1970s when it came to her notice that there were English Setters needing help when their owners could no longer care for them.  Gladys and her husband Bert, and a few friends, started English Setter Rescue. 

At that time the dogs were usually placed straight from one home to another. No paper work was needed - there was no need to be 'politically correct' or even worry about the possibility of 'being sued' in those days! By the mid 1980s English Setters had become a very popular breed of dog and over 1500 puppies were being registered with the Kennel Club in some years, hence the number of Setters coming into Rescue was growing and increasing each year.

On 22nd January 1986 English Setter Rescue became a Registered Charity and a Trust was formed to be known as 'THE ENGLISH SETTER RESCUE ASSOCIATION' (Reg Charity No. 293708). The Declaration of Trust stated, 'The Trust is established to rescue and provide care and shelter for lost, abandoned, or ill-treated dogs with particular regard to dogs of the English Setter breed and to find new homes for such animals wherever possible'.

Four Trustees were appointed: Roderick Watt - Chairman; Gladys Jenkins - Co-ordinator (who ran Rescue); Bert Jenkins - Treasurer; and Jack Bowen. Gladys was Co-ordinator of Rescue until her death in 2003 and we would not be what we are today if it had not been for Gladys' foresight all those years ago. Sadly Gladys, Bert and Jack have since died.

In 2018 The English Setter Rescue Association continues to be run, on a voluntary basis, with Charitable Status, by six Trustees including three elected Officers:  Chairman - Gill Wollers;  Secretary - Peter Cox; Treasurer - Jean Warburton.

The Co-ordinators, Fran Grimsdell and Jan Thornton work throughout the UK and Southern Ireland and, when necessary, occasionally overseas, assisted by a group of Regional Helpers who form a network of people who are always ready to help by taking in and re-homing an English Setter as required. Each of these Regional Helpers has his or her own group of supporters who will transport, check homes, foster occasionally, or assess dogs etc. Without these willing, unpaid volunteers ESRA could not operate so efficiently.

ESRA has had a long journey since 1972 but the reason for our existence is still the same - "To help any Setter in need, no matter what age, and never PTS a Setter, except to save suffering."

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